Nokia 5.3 – Full Specification, price, review, compare

Nokia 5.3 – Full Specification, price, review, compare

Nokia Introduction 5.3

Reportedly back in March, Nokia 5.3 finally hits the Indian coast. The mid-range phone is undoubtedly the Nokia 5.3 owned and supports HMD Global’s reason for accessing Android’s colorless and secure information.

In any case, with Xiaomi’s capture in the spec-crazed mid-extend category, and Samsung is making efforts to reclaim the space, the Nokia 5.3’s ho-murmur paper may not be caught.

Is the Nokia 5.3 client experience enough to balance the financial incentive offered by the opposition? We should find out from the original Android Authority versions of Nokia 5.3.

HMD Global’s Nokia 5.3 is among the many non-essential phones in the Android One system. It starts at Rs. 13,999 in India and uses Android stock. And that’s not all, with two years ‘worth of Android upgrades and three years’ security upgrades, cell phones at the fraction of the money they normally get. Does Android stock feel the main thing offered by Nokia 5.3? I research it to find out.

Nokia Edition 5.3: Designed to last

Spending mobile phones need to be relaxed, and the main area of ​​activity is often the development and quality of development. Cell phones at this price point are actually made of plastic, and Nokia 5.3 ₹ 13,999 is not a special case here. Be that as it may, he does not feel modest in any position. It looks like Nokia 5.3 should have the option to take a few thumbs up and move on.

There is a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 in the presentation that should help protect it from scratches. I love the great 6.55 inch display on Nokia 5.3, and seeing that it has some kind of safety is comforting. It is new enough with its HD + goal but this is not the most significant goal you will find at this price point. HMD Global has come up with a 20: 9 board that is useful for recording surveillance in the scene mode, but getting to its head when using this phone with one hand is not easy. There are dew points above the 8-megapixel selfie camera.

HMD Global installed a 4,000mAh battery on the Nokia 5.3 and found out how to limit the gadget size to 8.5mm. Therefore, Nokia 5.3 does not feel pressured. At the back, it has a quad camera setting in a ring-shaped module. This is sticky, as the opposition group uses camera modules composed of pills or squarish.

Previously, Nokia 5.3 continues its final look with larger bezels and water levels. This is where things get tough. The previous look is not the last, Nokia is based on the 720p board and Gorilla Glass 3 here.

The automatic shading adjustment is cut on the cool side and the wire does not move very well. I hurt the screen on the screen when I was out during the day.

In addition, there is a delicate light around the edges. Basically, if media use is your need, I would consider taking a gander at our elimination of the most advanced machines in India.

Obviously, Nokia 5.3 comes with any IP rating but that would be common at this point in price. Overall, Nokia 5.3 does not offer the capabilities and worrying features, including the display capabilities below. Plus, the haptic input on the phone is straight up where the biggest scare I’ve been running lately.

Nokia Cameras 5.3: Central Cameras


Nokia 5.3 has a quad-camera set as many different phones at this cost in the market. It has a special 13-megapixel camera sensor with f / 1.8 gap, 5-megapixel super wide point camera camera, 2-megapixel full scale camera, and a 2-megapixel profundity sensor. The camera application is very straightforward and easy to use. It has quick message recognition to detect where the camera is pointing.

In photo mode Nokia 5.3 makes 13-megapixel attempts. In the sunlight, the images required a strong range and grain was visible in the crop to bring the area closer. The shot taken with a wide camera was of low purpose, and this too was breasts.

Nokia 5.3 is looking for a closer shot, with more subtlety and a more critical impact of the base. Representation shots taken with Nokia 5.3 are highly recognizable, and the camera app allows you to set the encryption level before attempting. I found the large-scale camera to be very careful, and the title should be light enough for the gun to come out looking decent. 

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